Instagram API Error - Simple Workaround by importing from google sheets or calculating formula in Bubble

Instagram API’s have been changing the last few days, and I have been unable to get simple user info such as number of followers, for example.

So, I’ve come up with a simple workaround in Google Sheets:

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(“k”;REGEXEXTRACT(IMPORTXML(concatenate(“";a3);"//meta[@name=‘description’]/@content");"(.{1,})(?: Followers)”)));SUBSTITUTE(REGEXEXTRACT(IMPORTXML(concatenate(“";a3);"//meta[@name=‘description’]/@content");"(.{1,})(?: Followers)”);“k”;"")*1000;IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(“m”;REGEXEXTRACT(IMPORTXML(concatenate(“";a3);"//meta[@name=‘description’]/@content");"(.{1,})(?: Followers)”)));SUBSTITUTE(REGEXEXTRACT(IMPORTXML(concatenate(“";a3);"//meta[@name=‘description’]/@content");"(.{1,})(?: Followers)”);“m”;"")*1000000;REGEXEXTRACT(IMPORTXML(concatenate(“";a3);"//meta[@name=‘description’]/@content");"(.{1,})(?: Followers)”)*1))

(ps: replace “a3” with instagram username or point it to a google sheets cell which has the username)

This formula uses “IMPORTXML” and works perfectly to catch instagram public users number of followers.
However, I would like some help as to how I should proceed to run this formula in Bubble. Should I:

  1. Export my usernames to a google sheet, run the formula and export back to Bubble?
  2. Create a connector in blockspring?
  3. Create a plugin in Bubble?
  4. Request Bubble staff to insert this formula in Bubble?

Best regards!

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