Instagram Graph API (is it possible to connect?)

Hello all,

I’m relatively new to Bubble and I have a non-technical background. I just want to play around and learn to build stuff (especially with APIs) and i understand you can do that with bubble. My question is, is it possible to use Instagrams Graph API ( on bubble? My idea for a web app on bubble is to use the Instagram Graph API to help business accounts on Instagram track some metrics about their Instagram stories, specifically being able to track impressions, users reached, taps forward, etc. Is this possible?

Yes. The Bubble team has already created one:

If you need some help, I would suggest following a course. @romanmg has a good one on APIs: API Video Bundle


I am the owner of the site and looking for additional ways to attract new users, I think Instagram will help me with this. Made an account, post thematic pictures, post advices in the description, useful information. I think to involve auto posting to my page. What will you say? Should I handle with it?