Instagram Plugin Needed


I am looking to hire someone to create an Instagram plugin that is different than the current one provided by Bubble.


  • User inputs their Instagram username
  • The plugin gets the users posts using the Instagram API (Instagram limits to first 20 posts. Somehow the plugin needs to use the Instagram pagination API response multiple times until all of the users posts fetched
  • All posts fetched are then imported to the Bubble database

Is there a budget for this?

Or is it a suggestion to develop such a plugin for the Bubble market place?

There is a small budget for this, but it would be great if someone made it in the marketplace for everyone to use.


The requirements are quite specific, so would be difficult to justify the effort by selling it on the market…

Do you already have an app to accommodate for what the plugin will achieve?

I do already have an app started, but the pagination feature is the main problem for importing past 20 posts.

Can’t you loop through the pagination ?

That is what I need help with. Each url returned is different, and the json response is different than the initial get media response.

Do you have access to the APIs. I have couple of clients that are struggling to get access after the most recent policy changes in Facebook and Instagram APIs

The old APIs are nearing there end of life.

Yeah, OP is barking up the wrong tree here. There will be no capability to even READ a user’s OWN instagram data in early 2020.

Do another idea, don’t waste time on this one.

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I think that what you need to do is to use State, two API endpoint and workflows
Here’S my idea:
First endpoint:[ACCESS-TOKEN]
Second endpoint:[ACCESS-TOKEN]&max_id=[maxid]

Workflows on page load: Set state (Need to be the full payload), Set another state With the Data part of the payload. Step3: IF First state Pagination max_id is not empty (because I guess that when you reach the last part, this will not show anything or maybe null… need to be tested), Trigger a flow,
Do exactly the same thing but in step 2 but calling the second endpoint with the previous max_id, Add List Data to the previous one already stored.

Finally, When you Get Step 3 Is empty, Do something with data (like create or update item).
This can (and maybe it’s better) be done using API Workflow instead.

I didn’t test, but I’m pretty sure this can work. @bam

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is the new API

Hey Bam,
Please check your PM.
Anna J

I have an application use for this as well. Would love for users to be able to login to their IG account and save their images to the DB to be able to use them within the app. Will this be possible moving forward with the new API from Facebook? @Jici

From what I understand with the new API Graph, this seem to be possible using the Facebook login. This will need to be tested