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🌈 Instagram Graph Plugin

If you need help with setup, find a bug or whatever please reply to this thread.


@Taiheta What is the difference with the one from Bubble?


Nice job!

Further: upon inspection, this is really nice work. Setting up large numbers of API calls like this is a real chore. And that docs links are included is really cool. Well done.




Thank you very much for this :clap::clap::clap:

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Sorry this may be a dumb question but what are the steps to actually calling the data and for example putting that data in a text box? @Taiheta

Hi, click to insert dynamic data then select get data from external api & select the call you want to make. Some calls you will have to make another call inside for value.

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Thank you so much for your help so far!
I’m having trouble in finding out how to get the Facebook page ID or the Instagram Page ID.

Do I need my users to login through your Instagram plugin first? Sorry for so many questions, I really appreciate this app!

Youre welcome

Your users need to have a facebook page connected to an instagram business account for this plugin. I just published basic display plugin for someone else if you want to use that instead, it doesnt connect through facebook but there is some limitation on calls. For example it’s missing IG Stories endpoint.

For this plugin use the signup with social network action and select instagram graph. Then do a call get facebook user’s pages. You should be returned a facebook page that has an instagram business user id and access token, use these for other calls like reading user biography or reading media comments.

It’s up to you to design good UI to help your users select the correct fbpage->ig business account, if they have more than one. Or inform your user their set up is not correct.
Ignore that, they have designed the ui on facebook now, where you can select the right page.

If you read the documentation on the parameters/values for calls, it should help you a bit more.

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Great work Taiheta, it’s working well for me!

Quick question though, do you know how to find and display the Media of an Instagram Story?

Using the API I can find get the ID number and pull stats on a Story, but this Story does not appear in the IGMediaObject’s API call, which is the only one call with a Media URL that I can see. Any ideas?

I looked into it and found two other software systems that are getting this data through the API, so it’s definitely possible


Found the issue - the :framed_picture:IGMediaMetadata call includes Fields that do not exist on stories so the API returns an error.

@Taiheta, could you make the Fields fields=caption, children, comments, comments_count, id, like_count, media_type, media_url, permalink, timestamp, username as a parameter that the User can enter?

Would give the flexibility needed here. I created a separate API call anyway for my case, but would be good to have it all in one


I want to make a list of users who all have their instagram connected with their profile.
I already succeeded to use the Instagram data when the user is on his own profile.

How do you use this data in a repeating group? I tried to do the API call as I did above but I have to find a way to get the individual access token of every user in the repeating group.
Every user seems to have a :rainbow:InstagramGraph data type and a Instagram data type but they are both empty.
Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 21.19.36 Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 21.18.42


Hello @Taiheta

First of all thank you for your plugin :slight_smile:

Can you help for this ?
After doing a workflow Sign up with Instagram graph,
I am redirected to facebook where I allow all permissions
Then redirected to my app and here is the message :

Thank you

Check if your app secret and ID are the really the App
Id and secret and not Instagram Id and secret. You have to take the credentials of the app not the specific Instagram part

You’re a genius

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@Taiheta Can you tell me why I am getting this message if i’m using this plugin?

@gf_wolfer thanks for feedback will check that out

@klaas.vanhoeck1 whats the datasource of your rg?

@comebackevents youre trying to call data before the access token is saved, separate your workflow in two sections

@gaffneyantonio you need to give more information, authentication still working fine for my app,

Sure. I simply create a workflow where when a button is clicked, signup/login with Instagramgraph and I get this message. I not sure what else i can give you as this is only how far i’ve gotten.

How about showing me your facebook developer console, and what (obfuscate) keys you are using. Also is your instagram account added as test user? Other people are managing set up fine