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Install custom scripts and tracking?

Dear bubble forum,
I am just a new user but learnt pretty quickly the fundamentals and I love working with it. Will be a paid customer very very soon :slight_smile:

I would like to ask another question.
I want to build web applications with bubble and want to be able to install tracking. I want to be able to see which subpages the user has been visiting, how long he stayed, (optionally probably something like a heatmap as well or just plain tracking stuff like google analytics).

Is there a way to install a tracking software like google analytics or some heatmap technology within bubble apps?
Also: is there a way to do some custom coded plugins in php, or whatever programming language there is for web applications?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to Bubble @lisabuchberger1!

Installing Google Analytics is dead simple. There’s a place to input your tracking code within Settings and it’ll make sure you get all page loads.

I’m sure there’s a way to use other analytics tools as well. Haven’t used them myself so not sure what the best was is, but shouldn’t be all that complex.

As for custom code - this goes a bit against Bubble’s philosophy so they haven’t made it particularly easy to do so. Their goal is to make everything easy to do without code. That said, if you need to extend your app with code, you can add HTML, CSS, and JS on the front-end. You can also use their API connector to connect to your PHP program (or any API for that matter) which would eseentially be used to set-up a Service Oriented Architecture. I see lots of people doing similar with small scripts in Blockspring. You can, of course, pass in information via iFrames as well. Some people also use the API Connector to connect to MySQL or Postgres, and I’d imagine you can run yoru own apps off that same database so that’d be another way to integrate.