Installing a font

Is it possible to install a new font in bubble ?

Bubble comes with Google Web Fonts, so we can’t really add a new fonts directly. We can talk about it though, if you can’t find the font you like. Email us for this.


I would like a “strikethrough” font, to mark completed tasks…

Barcode font

You can achieve this effect using the rich text editor for the text field - it has a strikethrough option for text.

Also check out the Conditional tab in the Property Editor and the tutorial for it.


Is it possible to add Hanken ( to your fonts library.

We don’t support adding custom fonts yet, but it’s on our list. We’ll add that soon. In the meantime, maybe you can find a google font equivalent?

We just added this

Is there a way to “self-host” fonts on Bubble?
This is how my custom fonts are licensed by the publisher.

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Yes, you can create the CSS file, upload it in your app, and copy the link :slight_smile:


Install a font
Download a new font from the Internet.
Open the folder containing the new font you’d like to install.
Right-click on the font file you’d like to install and select Open.
In the window that appears, click on the Install button in the top, left-hand corner. Java training in chennai | Android training in chennai | Oracle dba Training in Chennai | Python Training in chennai

@emmanuel Can you elaborate on this? I have all my webfont files (.eot, .otf, .woff, etc.) and my stylesheet.css. I’m hosting the files on my web server and though I’ve been trying to add it via the Settings page, the font is not picked up. How can I get this working?

Can you try to do this in the forumapp3? Otherwise we can’t really help. It’s just about having the right CSS file that points to your file on your webserver.

I can only get access to one font weight, which is weird. My bigger issue is now even using the font. (see #3605)

Again, please try to reproduce the issue in an opened app. Otherwise we can’t help. Other users have done it and it works, so it’s an issue with your file probably.