Integrate google meet

Hello everyone , I’ve have an appointment app where a user can book different coaches . I am looking for a way to generate a google meet link for every appointment. Please how can I go about that ??

I did this for one of my apps, I had to use the Google Calendar API to create a Google Meet link.

Unless someone else knows a better way. That is how I got it to work. :blush:

Does that get you going in the right direction?

Im pretty sure thats currently the only way

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Hi @J805 , can you provide a link to the google calendar API and a walkthrough of how you got it done. Thanks

Hey @blackscholars3 :wave:

I will try to set up a video on the eLearning Hub or a post about it. It will probably be part of the paid content though. I can let you know once it’s posted. :blush:


Have you created the video ?

I won’t have time to do a video for a while since I have a few paid projects/sessions that take priority now. I might be able to do a post about it but it won’t be that thorough. It’s still on my list to do. Thanks for your patience.

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