Generating zoom or google meet link


I’m looking for some help implementing an action to auto-generate a Zoom or google meet link. Anyone able to help? Happy to pay

Should be fairly doable via an API, zoom would likely be easier. There are other and simpler ways of facilitating a web meeting if you are trying to get up to speed fast and agnostic to the platform.

What is the meeting being used for is it ad hoc and one off or would it be more perpetual. Is security much of an issue?

They will all be one-off meetings and security is no issue. I am trying to implement this as quick as possible. What are your thoughts?

I have made a few streaming and virtual event apps, and for one of them where I needed ad hoc meeting I used jitsi as you can inject the URL directly and don’t need to waste time building an API.

Do I just download plugin?

No plugin needed on a simple level. Just parse in a string to the meeting URL. IE.

Happy to help if you need any.

I have a plugin that does the job. Please hit me in DM