Integrated functions | Lambdas directly in Bubble

No code is beautiful, but for a lot of advanced stuff I’d love to be able to run code.

We can already run lambdas with the apis and we can run js, but having a complete environment integrated in Bubble could be an improvement for security, ease of use and flexibility offered by Bubble.

Of course to pay as an addon…


Can this be done via a plug-in?

Yes, I think you could create a plugin for a code editor, but all the configurations in AWS would remain responsibility of the user… And you would need to pay also for API Gateway…
An internal solution could be much more user friendly IMO…

You can already do it in a plugin, through a server side function.
It is, essentially, AWS lambda managed for you and with much friendlier interface.
Just paste your code and run it.

Its usage counts against the app’s capacity usage.

oh didn’t know… Few questions:

  • Can you use external packages?
  • Only JS?

So I should create a private plugin basically?

Sorry, misunderstood…

Yes to all three :blush:
I have an in-depth paid course on that, you can look into my profile for more info, it will be nice for you if and when you want to dominate this an fully dive into it :wink: