Can Bubble run Node.js scripts?

I have a Node.js script that I run locally on my PC to generate a token. Is there a way to run this script on my app?


After looking through the forum, it looks like it’s not possible to run Node.js scripts from your Bubble app:

I run node.js stuff regularly using

Creates a little “serverless” API - very useful although plugins are slowly taking over.



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Integromat :wink:


Any tutorial? :blush:

They stopped a long time ago. Webtasks still run if you had them. Reall shame.

AWS Lambda is such a swamp.


@nocodeventure - other than wrapping the code in something else (Lambda, GCF), I can’t see a way for Integromat to natively run a Node.js script.

Will keep looking (it would be hugely useful) but am thinking of calling BS on this one.

Integromat is used for automation. You can run your node on AWS, connect it to Integromat and enjoy :slight_smile:

Yeah, really helpful on a thread about running Node.js on Bubble.


haha sorry buddy

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