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Integrating Bubble app with HubSpot CRM to collect email addresses

I am quite new to Bubble and have struggled to integrate my app into Hubspot CRM. I only collect emails via my application but I would like this data to transfer to my Hubspot.

Would anyone be able to provide a simple guide on how I can do this? All methods I have found online don’t seem to work.

I haven’t personally used Hubsppot, so this is just general advice… but this should be dead easy…

There might be some HubSPot plugins available that do it all for you, so I’d start by looking for one…

But failing that, it should just be a case of setting up an API call from your Bubble app, to create a new contract in Hubspot, and pass the relevant contact data in the call.

If you’re familiar with API calls and using the API connector then it should only take a few minutes to set up (you’ll need to refer to HubSpot’s API docs to see how to do it)…

Otherwise, and assuming no plugins are available, spend some time learning the basics of APIs and how to use the with Bubble, then just set up the relevant call in the API connector and you’re good to go.

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Before sending contacts, make sure you installed Hubspot Tracking code on your website.
After that you have several options how to capture contacts from your Bubble app to Hubspot:

  1. In Hubspot activate collection of non-Hubspot forms (tracking code of Hubspot automatically captures all html form submissions). It is great feature for a quick start.
  2. Use Hubspot Form APIs (that’s the best API as it doesn’t require complex authentication. If you play a bit with javascript to collect hutk (hubspot user tracking code) you’ll get proper analytics in Hubspot.
    Check out this guide here: Integrate Your Website with HubSpot CRM: Step by Step Guide

There are other ways like using Contact APIs, but it requires more complex auth methods for API and it doesn’t preserve web analytics data (you’ll end up having all your contacts being marked as offline source).

Hi, I am new to Hubspot, and still haven’t try their Bubble data connector, perhaps is what you are looking for…
Bubble marketplace connector