New Plugin - HubSpot CRM Contacts Plugin

Hi, Bubblers

We have published HubSpot Contacts Plugin that will let you add contacts using actions, and get your contacts’ list data directly to your app.

Demo and plugin can found here: HubSpot Plugin

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Mo Salama
Founder of I2B | Ideas to Business
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Great job! Hubspot is a great application for real estate and more. Hats off to you guys for marrying the two applications together. :+1:

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Thanks :wink:

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@trvry awesome! Could I also use this for my end users? So allowing them to add leads to their own Hubspot accounts?

Good question. This version was designed for one account only. In your case, the authentication process will be different. You can use our plugin as a guide to building your own.

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I’ll have a look, thanks for the quick response!

I found their plugin gives a good idea of how to connect to Hubspot API via Bubble. I then simply used the Api connector to build my own with the functionality I want, using Hubspot’s great API documentation.

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:rocket: We just pushed a new update that allows you to add custom contact properties. You will notice a new server side actions.

1. Add contact (custom)

2. Update contact (custom)
Bubble plugin hubspot update contact

Big thanks to the 2,900 bubblers who are using our plugin.

Hi @trvry,

thank you for this plugin.

Is it possible to also obtain the source and tracking of pages via your plugin? If not, how can this be set up in custom?