Integrating Google Cloud Natural Language API with Bubble

Hi all,

Has anyone integrated Google Cloud Natural Language API with Bubble? Is it possible to do successfully?

Through the app I am developing with bubble, a business user can receive multiple comments from their customers. I basically want to provide the business users with a bit of A.I analysis to help them with understanding the comments they are receiving. Essentially, I need each comment automatically analysed to provide the topics they are about. I know you can integrate monkey learn with Zapier or Blockspring to do this but the amount Monkey Learn and Zapier charges would make the analysis of each comment uneconomical. The only way to make it work economically is to get the Google Cloud Natural Language API to talk directly to Bubble through say Google Sheets.

As a last resort if anyone knows how much it would cost to get someone to develop a way for my bubble app to talk to the Google Cloud Natural Language API (through Python) then please let me know.


Why do you want to create somethibg using Python when ypu can do that using API Connector?

I believe you need to program the Google Cloud Natural Language API with Python to your specs. However, if you don’t need to and can do it with an API connector then all the better.

Just follow Google authentication specifications for this service. You will need to create a project and an API key

Thanks but I did try this and it seems pretty complicated for a non-coder and that you need to know Python. Hence why I am asking if anyone has done it before. Would appreciate if anyone has any tips on how to.

No you dont. You basically need to underatand REST api and how to authenticate with Google api key. But for that you need to create a project in Google Console and set an API key.

Start Creating a project here:
After you will need to search in API Library and find the Natural Language one and activate it. And Create an API key. Once it’s done. Let me know.

Great, thank you. Will do.

Ok I’ve done that.

@Dimitrii I have created a plugin for Google Natural Language. Just waiting for it to be approved by Bubble team. Will tell you when it’s available.

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Oh wow that’s amazing. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to check it out. @Jici

@Dimitrii Actually there’s delay in plugin approval from Bubble. If you want, I can give you a private access for the moment. Just DM the app name

Finally released

Let me know if you need help :wink:

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@Jici this is amazing thank you so much!! Can’t wait to fully trial it out.

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I am interested to give this a try in the future so it’s great to see you made it. Nice work.

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