Integrating Twitter POST API

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate Twitter APIs to post Tweets from Bubble app.

I have my app set up on Twitter, API keys etc. Twitter allows OAuth1 and OAuth2 authentication but both methods are not working with Bubble.

I tested the Outh1 andOAuth2 on Postman and it worked fine. But unable to authorize the same on Bubble!

Anyone has done this? Please help.

It might be useful to share the error you’re experiencing and what you’ve tried.

It doesn’t. Tweets are signed with OAUTH and that is quite difficut in native Bubble.

Simplest way, sadly, is to use one of the third party apps to send, or you can use a node.js module from NPM and implement in Server Side plugin.

you mean I can’t post to Twitter through a bubble app?

On behalf of a user ? Or your own account ?

Oh behalf of a user. Looking to create a Buffer clone… Is that possible in Bubble?

Yes, absolutely.

That is what Sendpilot does.

The complexities of Twitter Auth and positing are probably best handled by a third party. But you can do it yourself.

hey just wanted to update here - Basically I tested the APIs on Postman and they are working fine but facing a number of issues with integrating on Bubble. I don’t know why…

Technically, I am not doing anything wrong but It doesn’t work.

Is this something Bubble complicates purposely so that we spend extra to but plugins from its partners?

I discovered this plugin and got Oauth1 working! 🔑 [New Plugin] OAuth 1.0a Request Signing Handler

@ajay1 Twitter oauth is a bit more complex than other providers. They have specific header requests and follow oauth 1.0 protocol (which is challenging).

Based on conversations with other Bubble users facing the same challenge, we decided to roll out a Twitter plugin that handles the oauth element and offers a few APIs as actions.

Here is the link to the plugin: Twitter OAuth API
Documentation link

Actions available:

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