Timeline Plugin (Should I develop it?)


I stumbled across this type of element on a news website I was reading the other day and I wondered how awesome would it be to have this on my Bubble app as well (it’s a data analysis platform)


So, I searched the plugin shop, but couldn’t find any plugin that does something quite like this.

Since I’m an experienced plugin developer, I am considering developing this myself.

However, for it to be worthwhile, it would be awesome to know if there are other people who would like to use this on their Bubble app as well.

Would you be interested?

  • I’m interested and would pay $8 to have it
  • I’m interested only if it’s free
  • Not interested
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Let me know what you think commenting here too!



There are some Gantt chart plugins that you could look at for reference.
The challenge will surely be how well you let users customize it
All the best!

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Thank you for the advice Ranjit! Will look into

Have you ever needed such plugin on your apps?

Yes I used Thimo’s Gantt Timeline plugin for a couple of apps
This is surely something a lot of apps require

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