Interactive graph


I would like to implement an interactive graph into my bubble app. What is the best solution? Should i use an plugin or an api such as google charts?

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What do you mean by Interactive Graph?

I mean a graph where can i click on a bar, or a line, and I can get easily the data of this area.

I want show / hide some informations in a table depending the area clicked.


Ok. I don’t know for the actual Graph Plugin. I have created one (Heatmap) that have this features and currently have two other in testing. Which kind of graph are your looking for?

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I’m looking for, as ideal, for a stacked bar graph combined with a line.

I’ve already do this for example, not in bubble.

I’m implementing Zingcharts for a project.

I used chart tools plugin for both pie charts and bar graphs. (Haven’t tried to combine a line and a bar chart myself - not sure about that.) You can see data on hover of a bar/segment etc.

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Hey @gauthier59 – just seeing your post. It might be too late but just in case it’s not, I recently added the ability to set up events on the Charts plugin I built. You can see the Forum post about it here:

You can set up an events for on a Bar/Line/Mixed/Point on a chart for clicks and hovers. For instance, when a user clicks a bar or point on the line chart, an event fires (on the workflow tab, you would use the event “A user clicked on a Bar”). There are states on the chart that refer to the clicked values (e.g. X value, Y value, Radius–for Bubble Charts, Max/Min–for Boxplot charts). You can refer to the state on the design tab (e.g. Bar Chart’s Hovered Value or Line Chart’s Clicked Value).

Let me know if you have any questions – more than happy to help.