Intercom for Specific Users


Is it possible to make intercom exclusive to specific users?

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By intercom are you talking talking about the Customer Service app (

If so, you can probably put an HTML element down, disable load on page load, then make a conditional so it shows up when a user has certain roles, etc.

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Yep, that intercom! Do you know someone who can write the code for that?

Does intercom not provide HTML code when installing their widgets? I’m not too familiar with Intercom.

Using the Copilot plugin

Why are you using the CoPilot plugin? What benefits does it give you that using a HTML element doesn’t?

Re: Install Intercom for logged-in users | Help Center

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oh wow, thank you!

No problem!

For anyone wondering, I used this code snippet from this link instead: Install Intercom on your website and chat with logged-out visitors | Help Center

the only difference is that this one doesn’t have the name/email. i’d recommend using this one instead!

also helpful: Tracking your user data with Intercom - YouTube

Yes. Just make sure the first part of your code is in a conditional:

Then the 2nd part in Settings Body Script: