Intercom integration or alternative

Hi all, I was looking to integrate Intercom…firstly is this possible/can anyone help me with how to do it please?

If it isn’t compatible, what does everyone else use please?

It’s not a hard integration but intercom has a lot of functionality so it depends what you’re looking to do.

If it’s just chat then it’s copy paste and 2 min job.

If you need to transfer data to have chat module dependent on logged in user data it takes a bit more work but is still easy.

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Hi Chris, thanks for your quick reply! It’s the latter I need help with :confused: pretty please

It should be a script that you paste onto the body I believe (settings/metatags/advancedSettings)

Can you tell me more about the data you’re trying to pass or experience you’re looking to have? I’ll send you some info on how to do it based on that.

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I’m just starting off with Intercom and about to build articles, but I’m looking to enable audience targeting, so data of is user logged in, user email address, what subscription they are on and user type…is this what you mean?

Really appreciate your help!

You can customize the chat integration with those details like this:

List of all attributes

Can preform actions with toolbox run js on these methods if needed

Thanks so much Chris, will take a look at this now :pray:

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I’ve tried to search so that I don’t ask stupid questions…but it’s been a long day! Am I suppose to add this code to via settings > metatags or somewhere different as it says ‘before body of every page’

Sorted it…sorry!

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The they give you in your dashboard goes In the header

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Thanks sorry, being slow on the uptake tonight

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