Interest in developing Arweave plugin?

Hi folks :wave: I’m a non-dev who has been building on Bubble for a year or so. Recently, I’ve also been diving into the world of DApps and, so, was excited to see @andrew21’s launch of the Rarible Protocol plugin. His work will enable a whole new range of NFT-focused apps to be built on Bubble. It seems like more cross-pollination between the no-code and Web3 realms can only hasten innovation and adoption, which got me thinking … It would be tremendous if someone were to develop an Arweave plugin on Bubble — allowing for even more advanced DApps to be built without code. I started chatting with some folks over on the Arweave dev Discord server and found a fair bit of interest in the idea. One of the community leaders suggested there might be some community funds available to finance the build. That said, I’m going to leave this here for any takers. :beers:

Thanks @ts11 just to clarify I worked closely with the talented team at @ezcode and the rarible dao to create our app @! But agree on all your points the intersection of NoCode and web3 is a super interesting and promising space! Arweave, like ipfs, would be a great addition to the ecosystem!


I’m down to collab on this. Shoot me A DM