Interesting issue that can solve only true bubble-lovers

Any ideas on how to show booked appointments as in the screenshot of CRM?

So, I want to show this sticker in a certain field(depending on time) and the condition is

Show sticker 9:00 in his field only when there is an appointment(task) in the database at this time.

Please help. My DB:

Actually, I almost figured out how to make a condition, but I do not know how to filter so that it would show only when in DB is this time:

what is in your “Conditional” ?

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and what is next? I need something “… hour IS EQUAL to 9 am”

I don’t have a conditional and I don’t think you will need one either. In fact I think your problem is easier to solve.
Your cells are static so you know the exact date and time for each cell. Just do a search for the task for date/time. If a task exists it will display it.

You mean I should develop search feature here? But I need something like here screen

Yes, exactly.

I cannot understand what your use case means. It sounds weird. It would be the same as herescreen
but without a pink sticker and a new search engine that would find a sticker? Where should this sticker be before that? I cannot understand your idea, how it looks in UI?

Can you share the data source for you repeating group. That may help.
Read access to your app would be even better.

Hello, sorry my for being lost, I went asleep.
“Can you share the data source for you repeating group. That may help.” - I’ve attached screenshots of my DB above. Have you seen it? Master type of data is the source for the repeating group.

What is the data source for the appearance of the white cells?

White cells have no source. There just only for background

Thats quite confusing. In the ‘when’ condition for the data source you are referencing “current cell’s master’s task’s date”. How is the cell getting the data?

Look, the UI is like below. When there is an appointment for 9 am then we have next UI:

word “cell” it is about the column of repeating group.

as you can see, I moved out pink sticker from white cells, because they interferes me and sticker becomes a child of that white cell, I need pink sticker to be child of repeating group

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