Hiding Element's of a Repeating Group


I’m attempting to make a tee-booking system for a golf course where the user selects their date, a set of available times are populated based on a set availability from the admin, then the selected time is listed onto a calendar for the admin to view. I found a tutorial using the Calendar Tool by Brownfox that accomplished something similar to what I want but it was very bare bones. I’ve run into an issue where I’m trying to hide the time slots that have already been booked. I have it comparing the current cell’s time to the start time of the first item in the ‘bookings’ database and it hides the first item but I can’t figure out how to hide all of the ‘bookings’. How do I iterate through the database of ‘bookings’ on the conditional statement of the text in the repeating group and compare each ‘bookings’ start time to the current cell’s time. Also if you know how I can simplify the conditional statement as well that would be extremely helpful, this was the only way I could figure out how to get it to work.

Much appreciated!

Mate, not sure how to help you with that one, but I would recommend avoid using searches wihtin cells of a repeating group. You’be making dozens of searches to every single cell in there.