Internet Check [detect internet connection - online/offline]

Just published my first premium plugin! Very excited.

This plugin help to check whether internet connection is on or off. The plugin exposes “online” state when internet connection is on and “offline” when internet connection is off. Simples.


Plugin page: Internet Check XL Plugin | Bubble


Pricing: competitive.


Here is Editor link:

Please replicate it in your app.

The plugin shows the connection status of the user. So, once you install the plugin and set it up it help to notify your users (or your workflows) of not having internet connection, when such occurs.

It is a great idea, but if we could make a Bubble plugin that would tell users what to do to fix their connectivity issues, we would be very reach very soon! We would buy uSave and Bubble and pretty much every internet provider with the revenue we would generate :slight_smile:

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:white_check_mark: This plugin is updated and ready for the March 2024 Bubble system upgrade.