Efactive! New FREE Plugin - Detect if user is online


Hey Guys!

A new free plugin has just been posted to the store. Detect user presence and test to see whether he is active, idle or hidden.

Usage is simple:

  1. Install
  2. Add plugin element Efactive to the page
  3. That’s it! The plugin will start to return the current user presence in its exposed states. the plugin can also trigger an event when the user is active, idle or hidden. This way you don’t have to do a thing every x sec…

Exposed states of the plugin:

States exposed under Term meaning:
active: The user is currently active
idle: The idle timer has expired and the user is not active
hidden: The user is not currently active on the same tab, or cannot be monitored

Idle for
How long the user has been idle for in milliseconds

Time left
Time remaining till idle in milliseconds

Time left %
The percentage till timeout as a decimal. Please note that this can be greater than 100% if the browser is hidden

Is idle
Returns yes/no if the user is idle. This will remain as no if the browser is hidden

Please thank @_Scott for sponsoring this plugin. Many thanks @_Scott


Thanks both! Great plugin.

Awesome! Thanks @AliFarahat & @_Scott

Hi @AliFarahat and @_Scott,

Thanks for this plugin. I’ve added the element to one of my group pages (set as a state, but always visible). It’s the landing page for all my users. Where do I see the output of this plugin? Do I need to set up a repeating group somewhere to report the user status? I tried logging in a few times with efactive on my main element page, but not seeing anything nor know where to see the results.

Thank you,

Hey there

The results are exposed as a state output. So it will be under efactive A’s > outputs. It’s up to you to set it up the way you want

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can you show an example? for newbie like me


Hey @AliFarahat
How could I set up a counter similar to Google Analytics (below) where it shows all of the users logged on and present and count them? This helps with knowing when and when not to push updates to my app in order to minimize disruptions for my users.



Let’s talk so I can better understand your requirements.

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Hi Ali,

Is there any trick to getting the plugin to work on a Header. It works fine on individual page but was looking for a quick solution to apply it to the whole site?


Yes. Add it to the header, and on change of status let it call a workflow API or data API for the changes you want. This way you can free the front end activities


What is the best practice for changing users status to hidden if user just closes the browser? Then status workflow can’t run? Do i need to have an api workflow to search and change statuses?

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Lovely :heart_eyes:


So I know this can show if a user is “active” or “idle”, but can it simply just show if a user is logged in?

You can log each time a user is logged in to your db. If you need to know if he is using your site/app, then efactive will tell you.

Could you be more specific on how you would do this? I see what you’re saying but I don’t know how to do it with what you’ve said.

Create a field ‘loggin’ in your User database. Loggin= yes when the user logged in. If the user shut down the page (or closed his computer), then you will never know if the user is still online. With Efactive, you received the info if the user is going back to live. Make sense?

I’m going to break down what you said to see if I got it right

  • Set Current User’s Logged In = “yes” if Current User is logged in
  • User leaves site, Logged In stays yes
  • Check if user is really logged in by…?
    It would have helped to mention that I want to show a repeating group of all users that are currently on the site

You can’t know. The only thing you know is if the user return to your site, then Efactive will send you an ‘alive’ value. Once you are logged in, Bubble let you in that state. So when you return, it knows.

Is it possible to maybe somehow check if a user is offline(not on the website)?

Nope. A user can have 3 phones and 5 computers on the same web page. I recomande you that plugin to prevent that:

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