Intersect multiple lists

Hi! I’m looking to find the union/intersection between multiple lists (i.e., more than 2).

Here is an example: I have 3 topics, each topic contains 2 subtopics. I’m looking to retrieve the common subtopics. How can I do this?

- SubtopicA
- SubtopicB

- SubtopicA
- SubtopicC

- SubtopicA
- SubtopicD

The response should be SubtopicA. The numbers of topics and subtopics are dynamic and can be >10.


You can use the ‘intersect’ operator - this will find consistent values across multiple lists. Note that this will find the common value across all lists (i.e. if Subtopic A is missing from 1 list, it won’t show as a common value).

How to : Topic1 intesect with Topic2 intersect with Topic3 … etc.

Hope that helps

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The # of Topics can be dynamic, so its not as easy as manually chaining :intersects with .

An interesting question indeed :thinking:

Chaining :intersect should work if the subtopic has to appear in all lists.

Right but the list of Topics is dynamic, so you can’t point to specific lists

You need some trickery like “get all subtopics, but only show the ones where the # of duplicates is the # of topics”

Ah okay i missed the Topics part. If that’s the case what I’d do is do a count of how many times a subtopic appears and if the count is equal to the number of topics then it’s a match.

The easiest way is to create a text list of topicUID-subtopicUID (this ensures that the list is made up of unique items) and then just use a regex count matching the subtopicUID.

Side note: Hmm, maybe a regex count of Topic list :each subtopic UID might work…


Yep something like that sounds like it would work

Thanks @ihsanzainal84 and @tylerboodman !

I’ve set up a workflow in line with the above and it does what I need. It happens in two steps:

  1. Create a list formatted as text with the UUID of each subtopic. By doing this all duplicates are captured and can be counted
  2. Create another list that only adds a subtopic from a given topic when the condition in the advanced filter is met. The condition I use is along the lines of extract with Regex (the subtopic UUID) :count is list_of_topics:count. The Regex extract is made on the text list created in step (1). This verifies that the subtopic is common to all topics.