Introducing Transferwise Payments | Send international payments from your Bubble app

We just released a plugin that allows you to send international payments with your Transferwise borderless account (it’s simple and fast to setup your account with Transferwise)

This is better alternative to PayPal and other processors in many situations and you will typically get a good exchange rate from Transferwise, you can send money between many different currencies and bank accounts.

Testing and feedback regarding this plugin is welcome!

Video Instructions for using this plugin will be published soon at our YouTube channel:
Evan Little - YouTube

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If you would like to expand this plugin’s feature and want to hire us to implement it, you can reach us at +1 253 478 8127 or via our site

Excited to see what people will create with this plugin.


Hey @253digital,

Thought this would be better off in the Showcase category so I moved it over :blush:

thanks Johnny!

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No problem! :blush:

@253digital Hi Evan,

is there a way that you can provide documentation on how to use the plugin? Is there a video or a demo project?