Alternative marketplace payment Solution

Hello All,

I would like to float an idea for discussion around a possible business opportunity in payment solution for Bubble users who come from countries not covered by Stripe. The problem is that Bubble marketplace payments are remitted to developers only through Stripe. Stripe covers only a few countries. The alternative provided by stripe for countries not covered by them is to use Stripe Global which will cost a developer $500 to register a company in US.

Now instead of spending $500 to open an account for a plugin you sell for $10, I am imagining that its possible to have a third party to collect money on behave of developers in question then remit the payment to users through other payment solutions.

Kindly share your thoughts.

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There are alternative API’s you can use. You can see alternatives in the plugin market already. There is a big opportunity by evaluating what is needed right now as there are not many options.

good idea @timothymugendi

@nocodeventure, when selling a template or plugin, Bubble requires you to have a Stripe account. Getting a Stripe account in countries not covered by Stripe is where we have a challenge. Are you saying there are ways to go around this already?


Hello @seanhoots what do you think about this matter?

Maybe one can try with transferwise.

Transferwise provides boderless account which allow you create a US or UK bank account from most countires.
Then you can use this account details to register with stripe as if you live in the US or UK.

I’m not 100% sure on this so you might have to do some search or contact Transferwise.

See this thread for a discussion on this.

Totally agree even after 2 years , nothing change . contribution in bubble marketplace available only for stripe accounts , unfortunately even if you open a company with strip atlas it will cost you more than 500 $ and other expensive fees such as franchise taxes, annual taxes and if you want to dissolve the corporation it will cost you even more . did you find any solution ?