Introducing Widgio - Custom widget creator

Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce a new plugin available on Bubble for creating custom website widgets.

Simply install the plugin and add the Widgio element to you page. Then set the URL for your widget to display, set the open and close button colors and the open button logo/icon.

You can also use the Widgio element action to change the settings above dynamically.

Something to keep in mind is that only websites that allow iframes will show in the plugin. So if you are embedding a page of your own bubble site, be sure to allow iframes in your app settings.

If you are embedding a bubble app page, set the page width to 420px maximum. This works best for displaying the widget on desktop and mobile.

The plugin URL is -

If you have any questions, just comment them here :slight_smile:


Looking forward to test it out

Sounds awesome!

The plugin is now available! Check out the original post above for the link :slight_smile:

Do you have a demo app that we can see it in use?

Sure! The very basic demo is

Can the widgio plugin add an icon to the user’s device homescreen in a workflow action?

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Hi there @keedanpunch . Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the demo page work. Doesn’t do anything for me…

I want to make sure I understand the purpose of the widget correctly. Perhaps you could also explain how it works…

My app allows people build their own help guides. I want to give them an opportunity to embed these guides on their website - as a popup widget or sliding widget. It should be really simple - users click on a button and get a simple embed code to copy.

Is widgio for me? How would it work? Finally, what is the difference between the app plugin and api plugin?

Thanks a lot in advance.