Widgio API - Programmatic custom widgets

Hi everyone!

You are all probably getting tired of seeing my posts :joy: but here’s another one!

I posted about the Widgio plugin and the Widgio web service over the past 2 days. I have since realised that their are some use cases for an API version that allows saas applications to offer web widgets to their users with their branding.

One use case would be for the app @Thimo built called Entrylog.io - @Thimo offers embedding of your Entrylog.io page but giving users the ability to add an Entrylog branded widget to their sites would be a great feature to have.

You can find the Widgio API page over at https://widgio.bubbleapps.io/widgioapi

The API is not free - it is $12.99 a month but you are able to programmatically create unlimited tailored widgets.

Any questions - just comment them below!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Do you have some examples? I just didn’t see any on the link you sent.

Hi Josh,

What do you mean by examples?

I wasn’t familiar with the types of widgets that could be programmed. So examples of that.

Hi Josh,

You can create a widget of any website that allows iframes :slight_smile:

Ahhhh…gotcha! I didn’t really know the purpose until you said that.