Invalid API Token in Make.Com

I am trying to connect my bubble account to but I am getting Invalid API Token. I already followed their documentation, but I don’t know the issue. I tried to regenerate my API Token but still the same result.

Is it because my account is only free? I still don’t know what the issue.

Maybe it is the wrong token for the environment? Maybe you are putting a Live API token into the Development Environment?

Are you sure you are using the right app name? What is your app id in url?

I don’t know that there’s Live API Token, what I did was went to the Settings then API Tab then Generate a New API Token and that’s what I used.

I’m pretty sure that’s the right app name, since I copy the value of app id

Did you follow every step here?

Yes, that’s what I followed but got no luck. I just contacted bubble support for this issue just waiting for their response.

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i have the same problem, and i have a starter plan