💵 Investment Platform - New Template from Zeroqode

Investy is an investment platform that allows you to manage investors & investments with different plans. It is fully responsive and features cryptocurrency payments and withdrawals. The template is suitable for treasury bills, fixed deposits, lending investment, commercial paper, cryptocurrency investments etc.


  • Fully responsive pages and user dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard for Management
  • Social sign-up Facebook & Google
  • Cryptocurrency Payments and Withdrawal powered by Coinbase Commerce and Coinbase.
  • Card Payments Powered by Voguepay
  • Supports multiple investment plans
  • Automated returns settlement
  • Due returns forecast for proper planning
  • Referral system with sustainability built in.

Live demo: https://investmentapp.bubbleapps.io/

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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I love the look of this, and smart move adding Coinbase integration.

Will be trying this out, now if you can only sort out SEC approval/security out of the box too - you’d have a winner :rofl:


that’s the easiest part :slight_smile: The hardest is to explain them what Bubble is :slight_smile:

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I have licenses from the SEC, but this platform will still not work because it violates coinbases terms and conditions. You cannot integrate personal wallets for business accounts which is precisely why coinbase is a poor option when building these templates. There are many providers that are not as heavily regulated, which would yield a much better outcome. The plugin is worthless. If you want to make a worthy plugin you can start with coinbasepro or find another provider/company - preferably outside the over- regulated USA.

@batanigroup thanks for the feedback. I believe it’s you Liam?
We communicated over email and I’ve just sent you a message there, but i’ll also mention it in this thread that we are ready to consider other plugin alternatives to coinbase. Preferably something universal rather than local ones that you suggested (coins.ph and coins.th)

Hey @levon I bought this template and I think it’s great. How do I go about allowing for customers to make withdrawals but not using bitcoins?


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Hi @adjea005.306, allow me to reply to your inquiry.

Kindly note that by default settings of the Investly template, withdrawals are set up to be made in BTC.
Sure thing it is possible to make withdrawals other than Bitcoin currency but to do that, you will need to make a manual modification of the plugins options within the “Withdrawal” page, which ensure the payments flow.

Payments are secured by the following used plugins:

To have a full overview of the plugins available currencies/options, kindly check the plugin’s description on the editor page (select Plugins compartment, then a particular plugin) and supporting information:

Kindly note that this modification would require advanced Bubble skills knowledge.

Hope it helps.

Zeroqode Team

Thanks for getting back to me! When you say advanced knowledge i’m guessing it’s not something that can be done by viewing a video tutorial? :smiley:

Hi @adjea005.306, your guessing is right :slightly_smiling_face:

Advanced knowledge of the Bubble platform I’d like to say here equals some solid skills, like understanding how does it work and have some experience in working with APIs.

It won’t harm if you watch some tutorials, read documentation, and do some testing/attempts - this is the practice itself.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

Zeroqode Team

Really like it

There are some great images here - when they are deleted off a page, its hard to getthem back. Are they available somewhere?

Hi @colin5, thanks for reaching out and your appreciation.

Kindly note that images that are used within the template, have different sources:

  • those used in design (backgrounds and etc) are not stored in the app database or file manager, but you can see and download them if you will find them on the editor page. To do so, select the image, and in the settings tab press “See” button.
    See the screenshot for reference: Screenshot by Lightshot
  • all images uploaded by users can be found in the app file manager.

Hope it helps,


hi @levon ,
A query about the investy template, I’d like to use withdrawal options (non bitcoin), and similar for payments(only Stripe & voguepay) , for the India region .
I don’t see it clearly on the document

Please share some reference or video here

Greetings, @RG16!

Thank you for your query.

As I understood, you would like to use the same methods for withdrawals and payments, right? I’ve checked the availability of Stripe and Voguepay (you’ve mentioned them) in India and they are currently active.

Like my colleague mentioned in the previous answer, by default settings of the Investly template, withdrawals are set up to be made in BTC, and, you can make withdrawals other than Bitcoin currency but to do that, you will need to make a manual modification of the plugins options within the “Withdrawal” page, which ensure the payments flow.

Kindly refer to the Documentaion, where you can find a guide on how to set up Stripe and Voguepay.

After you set up these two payment methods you will be able to set up withdrawals as well, cause the withdrawal data type contains information about the funds requested by the user, obtained as a result of the investments (which here is represented by the payment options)created by this user.

Just, please, note, that this type of modification requires advanced Bubble skills.

If there is anything else you need clarification for, let us know.

Best regards.

Thank you @ZeroqodeSupport , that helps. only 2 questions:

  1. Can I integrate with any other payment provider than Voguepay for India? If the plugins are available on price.
  2. when you say Advanced Bubble skills - you mean I can teach myself from tutorials/ learning material on bubble or I’ll hae to hire someone else to do it for me?


Hey there!

You are able to modify the template the way you like, and add another payment gateway through API, cause all our templates are fully customizable. This will be possible if your payment gateway has API. Then, using free Bubble’s plugin API Connector you will be able to set up your payment method.

Here is a link for you, where you can see how to use Bubble’s API Connector: https://airdev.co/post/using-bubbles-api-connector

You can check out all our existing payment plugins at No-Code App Plugins for Bubble | Zeroqode, just choose the selection for plugins, like it’s shown in the printscreen Screenshot by Lightshot

It definitely depends on you :slightly_smiling_face: How much time you are ready to spend on it, how fast you need to implement your knowledge, etc.

We can recommend a couple of videos, that you can go through, in order to master the usage of your template and creation of the app that is fulfilling your goals:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Best regards.

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Thanks you!
This helps , will try and work on it.

Hey, @RG16!

We are happy to know, that you are satisfied with our help!

And for sure, anytime you need any other support - drop us a line :slightly_smiling_face:

If you like our product and our collaboration in general, you can always let us know about this by rating the template you use. You can do so in the Bubble editor in the Template tab on the left.

Best regards.

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Hey @ZeroqodeSupport
Although I’ve purchased the template, I’m unable to access the full admin dashboard access. Even though I’ve made the changes required as mentioned here : https://docs.zeroqode.com/templates/investy-investment-template/

Why is it happening? Could you plz help/explain.

Hey there!

I’m assuming you are having difficulties with the admin rights setup.
Kindly check out this detailed guide in order to set them up: Things to Note - Zeroqode Documentation

Let us know if it helped.

Best regards.

Perfect, thanks @ZeroqodeSupport !
It helped.
Just one thing I’m not able to figure out in the Investy template is adding new savings/investment plan or plans type and their returns configuration.

Also, is there help on developing the user KYC module?
(I need to ask user for their ID proofs, upload pic /video etc to complete their KYC before allowing to invest into any plan)