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πŸ’΅ Investment Platform - New Template from Zeroqode

Investy is an investment platform that allows you to manage investors & investments with different plans. It is fully responsive and features cryptocurrency payments and withdrawals. The template is suitable for treasury bills, fixed deposits, lending investment, commercial paper, cryptocurrency investments etc.


  • Fully responsive pages and user dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard for Management
  • Social sign-up Facebook & Google
  • Cryptocurrency Payments and Withdrawal powered by Coinbase Commerce and Coinbase.
  • Card Payments Powered by Voguepay
  • Supports multiple investment plans
  • Automated returns settlement
  • Due returns forecast for proper planning
  • Referral system with sustainability built in.

Live demo:

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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I love the look of this, and smart move adding Coinbase integration.

Will be trying this out, now if you can only sort out SEC approval/security out of the box too - you’d have a winner :rofl:


that’s the easiest part :slight_smile: The hardest is to explain them what Bubble is :slight_smile:

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I have licenses from the SEC, but this platform will still not work because it violates coinbases terms and conditions. You cannot integrate personal wallets for business accounts which is precisely why coinbase is a poor option when building these templates. There are many providers that are not as heavily regulated, which would yield a much better outcome. The plugin is worthless. If you want to make a worthy plugin you can start with coinbasepro or find another provider/company - preferably outside the over- regulated USA.

@batanigroup thanks for the feedback. I believe it’s you Liam?
We communicated over email and I’ve just sent you a message there, but i’ll also mention it in this thread that we are ready to consider other plugin alternatives to coinbase. Preferably something universal rather than local ones that you suggested ( and