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I am creating a health professional platform and one of the important components especially early on is having it be invite only. I have read some of the earlier posts but I was wondering if one of the Bubble masters out there could walk me through the best way to implement the following functionality:

  1. User is sent link to join the platform
  2. User signs up and they are then allowed to invite others
  3. It keeps track of who invited who

Hi zackmohorn,
I created a video specifically for you how to create an email invite workflow and track who invited who, and which invitations were successful.
Hope it helps.
Just to clarify, the form that creates emailinvites is a form you can then show only for users who are already signed up too.

Pm me if you need further help.

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So sorry, I am now just seeing this! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to help with this and I will reach out to you if I have any issues! I am going to start implementing this in a day or so and I will definitely check out tiplister!

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