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Inviting users via Facebook

I would like to know how to allow a user to invite other users to join them on my app via Facebook. I see it’s possible to get the list of friends, but how do I create a workflow to send an invite (via Facebook message or notification)?

Actually you can’t. Facebook changed their settings and will only show friends that are already sign up on your app if you do ‘Facebook login’ + fetch friends. They did this to avoid spamming.

I dont know much about coding but could you create a block in blockspring and then use facebook app invites?
I could be totally wrong here.

This is deep in Facebook land though. The “invites” we all know and … block from our time lines… are run directly from the Facebook iOS/Android App itself, that is why they don’t check for being logged in … you in the app anyway.

You would need to integrate the Facebook SDK I think for this, it isn’t a call.

And anything Facebooky needs constant attention, I worked at a small startup that used FB sharing as a main tool, and they would regularly change stuff and break our product.

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OK thanks for the info!

even if you can’t fetch friends list and iterate on them, as mentioned below, there could be a “Facebook - Send App Invites” action using

That’s the link @denverdave11 was mentioning earlier. The thing here is that is it’s for iOS and Android, not for web, so we’ll look into it when we’ll push for mobile.

are you sure there is no such API for web browsers to have a user invite friends to Like a Facebook app?

I’d expect Facebook for anti-spam reasons to not allow an app to enumerate the friends and/or get their info, not to not allow a popup where user sees what app they can invite their friends to and pick the friends they want. Don’t see any spamming potential in that one

The only API that is going to do that is the Graph API I think.

But that won’t do app invites. That requires much deeper integration via the relevant SDK.

I’m having a similar dillema. I want my users to create a group made up of users they can search and add to from their fb friends list. Is this possible?