Invoice API arrays

I need to add line items to my invoice using Invoice API, not sure what would be the right approach to add each line item?

items array Collection of Line Items

What is the right approach for this? I also want to add multiple line items when needed in the invoice.


For what I understand, you need to use Run API workflow on a list of thing

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I’m trying to create a plugin. How would I go about doing that? I want the ability to add line item’s with an API Call. I would have expected to have the ability to add it once and that Bubble offers some kind of multiplier of how many fields do you want to display?


@Jici Do you know how to approach this or someone else? @neerja

I think that you may need to use a json tools (look into plugin) or use the Data api to call your app and get json encoded data (raw). For what I understand at first, is that you cannot send each line one by one (in this case, you should use Run a workflow on a list)

Would it be the right solution to use Postman and get it working Plugin wise? I want to make a plugin so I can use it on multiple projects.

If you use a plugin, you can create your own json to fill the right field with the API call.

So I can solve this issue just within the plugin editor?

Hi Jici,

Hope you’re doing well. I bumped up to this issue again and have never been able to resolve this. Is there a way with the plugin builder to reference multiple arrays to be able to add multiple invoice items or multiple products.

Hi. You mean in API Connector?
There’s so many way to solve this that depend on the API and how you want to make the request. IS this always for

I’m working on a payment API that handles products inside an array. Not sure how to target this. Another one was indeed the API.

When you can, a plugin is the best thing. When its not possible, playing with backend workflow,Bubble API and DB is also possible.

With plugin you can use it in two step. One to create the json using action and one to call the api using the created json

Its also poasible to call the API directly in action using server side action

I only wanted to use the API Tab, but thanks for letting me know that I should have a look into the Action Tab.

You need to generate the array. To be able to do that, there a few step before. The problem is this is very complex to explain :neutral_face:

No worries. I wanted to have fun with it myself but I’ll give it to my Developer to handle.

Let’s stick with other stuff for me.

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