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Invoice or payment History

Does any one know how can i retrieve payment history from stripe or Braintree? to display in a repeating group

Have you found something here ?

Yes that’s how I’d do it right now. We can look at adding some calls directly, but hopefully Blockspring will do the job.

Hello @emmanuel and @NicolasDap,

Thanks for the update, i believe having this option is necessary to be available directly in bubble as it already is able to charge users. I believe the community will also benefit with a complete lesson on how to charge, save transaction data and so forth and how to retrieve it.

thanks guys.

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Do you think it’s difficult to use Blockspring in bubble for this ?
I use quite a lot BS for Stripe request and it works very well.

No, i think BS is amazing and i use it in my day to day with excel and google spreadsheets all the time. Its just i feel that this option should be available in bubble.


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The way we would add it would do the same thing that you can get though blockspring. We’ll look at that at some point, but in the meantime, I suggest you use blockspring to get the feature going.