Stripe.js - Can I Retrieve a Balance Transaction?

Hey folks…

I’m using Stripe.js in a way that I want to return into Bubble the value of the fee paid on the transaction, and the exchange rate used. It seem this information isn’t returned when I create a Stripe Charge, so I need to record the Balance Transaction ID from the charge and then perform a “Retrieve a Balance Transaction” call to Stripe.

Is there an action provided by Stripe.js to do this? I can’t see an obvious one as I scan the list of possibilities.


Hey @antony,

The Stripe.js plugin is not a Bubble-built plugin. As with any plugin, you’re better served sending bug reports and feature requests directly to that plugin’s author. In the case of Stripe.js, give a shout. :+1:

Hey @copilot, thanks for the reply. Yes, I see I accidentally chose the API section rather than the plugins section of the forum. Fixed that now! :slight_smile: Any chance of putting an answer to my question here? I’m sure it would also help other stripe.js users. Thanks!