iOS Add to home screen and upper side of the Nav bar becoming see-through

It could be a really basic question but i am new to Bubble and desperately need help to solve this issue.

I created a Navigation bar by using reusable element, setting it as a floating group in Appearance tab.

It works fine when using mobile Safari browser, but when i use “add to home screen” and open the website, upper side of the navigation bar becoming see through.
(i don’t even know whats it called-iOS Status bar-am i right?)

And the tricky part for me is that, i made couple of different apps in bubble and i made all navigation bar exactly the same way, reusable, floating group.
But like attached pictures, only purple one has this issue and the others are fine.

I want to make a full-colored-to-top Nav bar like a Blue one below, but i really don’t know whats the difference and how to set this up as i want.
Thanks for the help in advance

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Have you found a solution to this problem by any chance? I am running into the same problem at the moment.

Kind regards,

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I’ve experienced this, but several years ago. I don’t recall exactly how I got rid of it, but unless someone beats me to it, I’ll look back in the app and reply back with the solution. It’s a frustrating issue.