Newbie Here: Navigation Bar Issues

I don’t know how many times I have done this Bubble tutorial and every time when I preview the navigation bar, the buttons are spread out like this. Can anyone help me? I’m worried if I can’t even replicate the actions of this video, I won’t be able to create what I want to create. Like my topic headline says, I’m very much a newbie.

Here’s the video I’m watching:

I’ve tried it 4-5 times, I believe I’m doing everything that’s been asked but I always get this result.

@salmon.seminary welcome to the community!

Until you become more family with Bubble set your page to be fixed with. Please review the below screenshot. When you preview your app you should see your header and overall page much more “proportional”.

Just keep in mind that you will later learn about page responsiveness. Which is basically about your page elements reacting to different viewport sizes (phones, tablets, desktop monitors of different sizes).


  1. You have to group those two buttons;
  2. In the “Responsive” tab, mark the group as “Fixed width” and align it to the right.
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Thank you so much! This fixed it.

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