iOS/Android mobile app made with and WebViewGold

Hi everyone,
Our app just got accepted by Apple, and it’s ready to download on iOS :slight_smile:

It’s a very early MVP for our startup, and it still has a ton of work to be done!

LifeBe - Discover subscriptions and on-demand services for everyday life.
App Store link:

We use site made with bubble wrapped using WebViewGold.

If you have some spare time, please download the app and send us feedback here on the forum or from inside the app (bottom of the Account screen).

II would love to hear your voice, especially about what you think about using a bubble with a project like that.

Also, if you have any questions about how we do stuff in our app, let me know.

The problem I have right now?
The main page has 2000px hight as some groups are that big. I ended up with lots of blank space below smaller groups. How can I shrink the screen no to have space below shown group?

Thank you!


Hi @wojtek

I downloaded your application and I tested it for a few minutes!

Congratulations! The design is very clean and modern! I love it! :ok_hand:
(maybe I will be inspired by some elements :hugs: )

Did you try to place “hero sizing” element from the plugin “toolit kit” ?
Or maybe some CSS with the plugin “CSS tools” ?
Or maybe “collapse this element height when hidden” in inspector ?

Say me if something work :grinning:


thx for reply. I’ve just figure it out yesterday. You can find on forum info about solution using group collapse when hidden. When I’ve tried it it wasn’t working but I found why so now I’ve solved it and will push new update soon.

I didn’t try Toolit kit before … I need to check it.

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Looks awesome great design

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New version is up! Both iOS and Android available to download links >

Hi @wojtek

I’ve checked the update :+1:t3:

Just have a question about the usage of a webView and your design.
I supposed that « home combo services and search » are a single page in your bubble editor ? And the others (like the product details) are a single page ?
The performance seems goods (for a webView) on iPhone but a little slow on a recent iPad Pro.

I’m questioning because I have the same pattern as you on an app but certainly more elements. Maybe I will change for a slide menu with multiple page.

Hope my English is ok :fr:

Hi maxime,
All is made on a single page with show/hide groups for each view. I already moved half of views to reusable elements and will do it with rest of them soon as editor was terrible to use.
Performance on iOS is ok for an MVP but app is terribly slow on android. If I won’t figure it out how to speed up the app we gonna move to native app development. There is also problem with animations. Performance is getting hit when we are using build in bubble animations and we couldn’t find plugin to serve our purpose.

Just downloaded the apps on both platform, definitely a good start.

Using an S10 and an iPhone SE, seeing similar level of app performance on both.

What Bubble tier/capacity are you on?

I’m impressed with your app. You made it feel like a real app. Good job!

If you were looking for a way to Collapse All Groups without doing any sort of code or extra plugins you can try stacking everything down your page and make sure you check the box for collapsing all groups (

But honestly, really great job. Good attention to details. Glad Apple accepted it too since they are very strict. Congrats! :tada:

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Hi, Our app is on personal. We did some optimization and we can see it’s working kind ok when turning boost so probably will move for profesional. Our capacity is always below 50% when we test but still when boost went on we could see significant gain in performance.

If you were looking for a way to Collapse All Groups without doing any sort of code or extra plugins you can try stacking everything down your page and make sure you check the box for collapsing all groups (

I figure out how to use Collapse groups but will definitely try your option as well.

Hey @wojtek, did you end up ditching bubble for the app? I can’t seem to find it on the ios store or any links on the webpage.

We retired our old MVP, and We are working on a new app. Right now, we are using bubble for our website, internal tools, and backend. As our app is a mobile-first concept, We decided to use other tools (React Native) for the frontend.

You can check our old MVP using the link below (best to use a mobile phone), but we are no longer supporting it.

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Hi Wojtek

Why you decided to retire from bubble as an engine of your app?

Hi Maciej,

Since the last time I’ve posted this information, we decided not to progress with our original idea. But I’m staying in the no-code ecosystem :slight_smile:

You can still check the old MVP I’ve built while back on bubble here (LINK).

The answer is simple we were building a mobile-first experience. When you are building a mobile app, I think there is a lot of work in front of the bubble team to make it viable. But if you are building a web-first app, in my opinion, you won’t find a better no-code tool for building web apps than bubble.

If you are creating a simple mobile PWA bubble is excellent. Still, if you are looking for a more native-like mobile experience, pure bubble won’t be enough. You have to go and use other tools to compensate for some of the bubble’s shortcomings, especially regarding performance. You can use bubble as the back end and web interface and have your mobile app (created using other tools or plugins) connect thru API.