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Native app height shrinks between displaying groups

Hi All,

I have a native app with dimensions of 380 x 650

All the navigation groups (those displayed and hidden) are set with the exact same dimensions. I have not made any changes what so ever, but today I noticed that in run mode, when I navigate from the first screen (home) to any other other screen the height of all others shrinks ever slightly (approx 2-3 pixels) causing it to show a white line right at the bottom.

really annoying! :grimacing:

I have checked to see if there is an element that I may have accidently pushed just outside the canvas, but nothing. :frowning:

has any one come across this issue? if so, what did you find?

Whenever I’ve had this problem, it’s because one of my groups was slightly too big. Took me forever to find which one it was.

A “band-aid” solution could be to change your page’s background color to match the bottom of your gradient, so it isn’t noticeable.

thanks @natedogg

I’ve looked everywhere and could not find anything…i’ll take another look.

Do you know what the recommended dimensions are for mobile UI in Bubble?

Your dimensions seem fine. I think the Bubble Account app uses similar dimensions as well. I believe the recommended widths are 320, 380, or 640. The dimensions that I tend to use are 640x1136.

thanks @natedogg

I’m interested to know if the height matters, I see you’re using a much bigger height resolution (1136), I can see the benefits when working on the UI aspect of the app, a lot more room to play with?

appreciate your help.

Nice design @Rogelio , I’d like to use mobile as a login method as well. How did you get around the password reset? I’m guessing you used twilio to text a unique code?

It would be great if you could shed some light on that process.

hey @supernaturally - exactly right - i used Twilio to send a random generated code to login which is only valid for 24hours.