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iOS Background audio playback

Is it​ possible to play audio in background​ using music player specifically​ on iPhone
My app audio playback on Android working in background properly without issue but on iOS not working in background only while app active

Thanks for support

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Here more details about issue
I am writing a web app that uses bubble circle music player audio. I want to make sure that the user can move to a different application while still listening to the audio in the background. This works while the web app is still within Safari itself. However, when the user adds the web app to their homescreen and it has been set to allow for fullscreen access (no Safari toolbars), when they leave the app the audio does not continue to play. Does anyone know of any way to have a web app proceed while in the background?


Hi did you try convert native app? and I’m stuck too, I want to see the Demo if it can

There could be the iOS system goes wrong, To make your playing music in the iOS device background, you are suggested to use professional iOS system repair tools such as TunesKit iOS System Repair.

Same problem with other audioplayers, as Long as it runs in normal browser it works perfect and even goes to next in playlist. But once installed on home screen it “quits” when leaving the app :disappointed:

I’m curious about the same issue!