📻 SoundFX - Effects for Sounds and Music - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Lighting fast sound effects/game sounds or music are just a few things Sound FX is great at.

Quick demo here

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at SoundFX - Effects for Sounds & Music Plugin for Bubble | Zeroqode

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Can you implement the audio army knife SOX with hundreds of audio functions under the new Bubble plugin server side NPM? :slight_smile: Or any help to build it?

Many people like me have struggled with getting audio to work in iOS. Allow me to drop some knowledge. I’m using SoundFX but this applies to any audio plugin.

First, make sure your audio files have at least 0.5 seconds of silence at the beginning of the sound – I find that’s how long it takes iPhone to turn on the speaker.

Next, unfortunately, Apple requires users to interact with the phone before any sound can be played in that instant (within 600ms of the interaction is what I’ve observed in Bubble). This is why having any sound play, with the sound beginning to play more than 600ms after the last time a user taps a button, WILL RESULT IN NO SOUND because iOS suppresses it. This restriction is true even if the user is using an iOS PWA web app (whereas on Android, this restriction is relaxed when the user installs your PWA).

Fortunately there is a hack to overcome this “auto-play” limitation in iOS (unrelated to SoundFX).

  1. Preload ALL your sounds on page load

  1. Here’s the hack – As soon as the user taps any button, use that opportunity to “initialize” every sound, using a workflow with Play and then immediately Pause for EVERY sound (along with the other actions in your app that button triggers)

To repeat, after page load, the user MUST tap a button or otherwise interact somewhere, and you use that opportunity to initialize the sounds. In other words, it is not possible to auto-play a sound without your user tapping something first.

  1. Now all your sounds are preloaded and initialized, ready to auto-play anytime without further user interaction, using the Play action

Yes this is a pain to set up and a drag on resources, especially if you have a lot sounds. But this is the only way to do auto-play on iOS, regardless of using this plugin.

Unfortunately, if your app has too many sounds to preload and initialize them all, or your app generates audio files on the fly (e.g. text to speech), then I believe it is impossible for your app to auto-play audio on iOS (in other words, impossible without having an immediate user interaction). If you’re doing text to speech on the fly, there is probably not enough time for the server to reliably get the data out and back within the 600ms threshold.

For more info on this hack read:


Hi @levon

I realized you never answer my question :sweat_smile:. Not too late.

Hello, @greg18
Thanks a lot for sharing this helpful information.

It’s great that you have used our plugin for your application and created this tutorial.
We hope that it will be useful for many users :pray:

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Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, @JohnMark
Sorry for the lack of our reply, we missed your previous message.

In case your request is still relevant, can you please explain more on this matter? We need to understand exactly what you are asking to implement in our plugin :pray:

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Hello there! :slightly_smiling_face:

We have created a detailed plugin documentation for your convenience: :tada:

Hope it helps!
Zeroqode Support Team


Hi Greg,

I’m struggling with audio and volume control in an app :sweat_smile: and also need the player to work once its wrapped as a native app. Thanks for this guide - I will try it out. I just have one question - The picture 1 & 2 are the same in your example… Should your picture 1 be a wf “When page is loaded” and the same steps as on a button click?

All the best,

Actually these days to implement this approach, I’m using Renato’s plugin AudioPlayer Full BEP, version 1.2 (not 2.0)

That plugin doesn’t work with volume control on iOS :frowning:

Hi @peter11, sorry for the delayed reply.

For a better understanding of your case, please share a bit more information (elements & workflow setup as well as used device model). This will allow us to see if a solution might be provided.

Looking forward to your reply.

Zeroqode Support Team