IOS keyboard empty or not showing

Hey Bubble people,

I’m experiencing an issue with the keyboard when using my app on an iPhone.
When I tap an input box and expect the keyboard to show, I get mixed results (see the screen shots).
Sometimes it will show the keyboard frame but have nothing in it, other times it will show half of the frame and some times it will load the keyboard correctly.

Any ideas what might be causing this to happen?
Many thanks.

Hello @dean2

Try preventing user from zooming in settings/general

Hi @cmarchan, I have tried that ON and OFF, didn’t seam to have any effect.

Hi Cmarchan,

I think I figured this out in case you wondered.
On my Phone I have two bookmarks saved to the Home Screen, One for test and for live.
If I have both open the keyboard on one will fail to show on one of the open bookmarks.

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