Ios login detected as sign up

Why is it that when I access my webapp thru my ios, the login inputs were being detected as sign up inputs? iOS suggests “strong password” for the password input for login (not for signup).

Hi @shu.teopengco

This situation persists for a few months if the iOS page detects an ‘input’ password. You have to change to an ordinary ‘input’. I believe there is a plugin that hides input. I haven’t tested yet.

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Thank you. Is it safe to use plugins to hide the input rather than use password input?

Hello, I have the same problem with Safari too on Mac : the login password input suggest a password ! It is a little bit disturbing…

Any idea how to stop that ?

Thanks !

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Hi @charly

Its a start: Disabling Safari Autofill

Solution is still waiting…


Hi @JohnMark, you basically saved my project ! It seems to be exactly the good hack to solve this (and enable the box to choose which password to use)

In Settings > General, tick “reveal the ID”
and go to password field to give a name to your password field with “search” inside, like notASearchField for my case.
It works :slight_smile:

Thanks :wink:


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