IOS autofill psw input as new account each time

Hello all !
I publish there because I’m in trouble with my app, developed to be displayed on ipad only (webapp not native).
Each time we go on the login screen, IOS fill the password input with a generated password, like it was a signin page :confused:
I don’t know how to resolve this issue.
even if we type our credentials, IOS doesn’t remember those and keep filling the psw input with a new password.
If someone could help it will be very nice thanks !!

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Hey there :wave:

I know, that’s super annoying. I think this is the code to fix it. You will need to run Javascript to get it to work. I have a set state that changes to login or signup based on what the user selects. It makes a huge difference for user experience.

So when you want it to be LOGIN:

document.getElementById("id1").setAttribute("autocomplete", "current-password");

and when you want it to be SIGNUP:

document.getElementById("id1").setAttribute("autocomplete", "new-password");

Someone that actually knows code can verify for me.

Here is the source you can look at: Password input autocomplete="new-password" workaround? - #3 by yusaney1

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Does this work if the user doesn’t select to save their password through the browser?

Im doing some more testing with it to be sure. I think it only works when the user chooses to save it in the browser. :blush:

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thank you so much ! I didn’t search with the right keywords in the forum

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It works like a charm. But the email field keeps the email address. Do you know how I can remove it ? I tried

document.getElementById(“email”).setAttribute(“autocomplete”, “email”);

but it doesn’t work.

It drives me crazy !! It keeps the email I used to connect with GoogleAuth @J805 and there’s no initial content and “remember email” is set to “no” on the login action in wf