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Ip whitelisting possible?

Hi, is IP whitelisting possible to bubble? If yes, how can we implement this?

If you’re on a Dedicated plan yes, we can give you a static IP, currently on the main cluster we unfortunately can’t do that yet.

If your usecase is a static up for to make api calls, my solution has been to use AWS (Amazon Services) as a proxy. It takes a bit of setup and technical knowledge, but is pretty cheap and quite quick.

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Thanks guys for the answers. I think it will not be a priority for now. Thank you.

Found this article which helped me do what I think @simon7 is referring to: AWS Lambdas with a static outgoing IP | by Financial Engines TechBlog | Financial Engines TechBlog | Medium

Exactly. But to supplement the article: Nat Gateways are somewhat expensive, and completely unnecessary if there is not a lot of traffic and/or failover redundancy is not the biggest concern. Instead one can setup a Nat Instance (which is an EC2 instance with a nat instance image) which is much cheaper and just as reliable.
If anyone needs to build a setup like the above, feel free to PM me.

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Which ones are “dedicated plans”?

I get it, none of them are. We would need to have this: