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Workaround - Fixed IP address for access to external DB's


As Bubble has a dynamic IP - has anyone managed a workaround to get access to external DB’s that require the whitelisting of an IP Address to access the data?

You need a proxy. I would build my api request in aws with a static ip and go through that from bubble with a token.
you would need:
Api gateway
nat instance (ec2) or nat gateway
Lambda function in private vpc for routing, connected to the instance\gateway

Price wise nat gateway is more expensive but easier to setup than a nat instance.


Hi @matthew2 did you find a workable solution to this? Having the same issues and really didn’t want to go down the API route.

I can’t see what the workaround should be if a static ip is needed From the endpoint. If the provider support ip ranges you could use Integromat for a simpler setup, but that would quickly become expensive with many calls.

Yep, IP ranges for my use case will work with AWS security group inbound rules. I was just interested to see if Bubble had come back with a solution. It’s just a matter of knowing what hose ranges are, I have tried a few from the comments in older discussions but no joy!

I am calling where they have to set the calling ip for security reasons and it cant be a range, for the same reason, how would you do that then?

Found this article which helped me make an API call that required a whitelist IP address: AWS Lambdas with a static outgoing IP | by Financial Engines TechBlog | Financial Engines TechBlog | Medium