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There seems to be one person who’s created an official App Store app using bubble. Will this become a standard?

Bubble is not currently situated as a tool to build mobile apps. It’s focused on web apps. If you want to turn your web app into a hybrid mobile app, there are solutions like Phonegap and GoNative that let you do this.

I’d hope this doesn’t become standard, as native apps tend to perform much better than the webview-based apps. That said, I am curious what Bubble’s “mobile solution” will end up looking like.


will you highlight the name of the app who’s created an official app store app to check out? Thanks!

Hi. How can I pass my bubble web application to an android native and ios using phonegap or gpnative?

There are a number of threads in the forum about this. I’ve never done it, as I think it’s a bad idea, so I’m unfortunately not much help on this front.

If you’re going to go the hybrid app route, you can also look at what @gaurav is doing with his BDK app service.

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If you aren’t familiar with Xcode and Android Studio, one of the best solutions is to use BDK app service made by @gaurav.

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