Ipiphy - IP Geolocation Plugin

This plugin look super useful. I followed @romanmg’s instructions below, but it’s pulling an address in New York, not my current IP location. Any suggestions?


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I am not even able to access the get user’s IP address option. How does one get this option?

Follow the tutorial in the coachingnocodeapps video to see how it works. The issue is it’s not pulling the right IP :confused:

I followed each and every step, the issue is for me it doesnt show that “get user’s IP” option, I spent almost an hour, cant go wrong with such a simple thing when I have made a very complex and massive bubble app past 7 months.

If it help you or anyone else, this is how I got it to work on my page using Google maps (get user’s IP not available to me either):

You are doing it absolutely wrong and this is why you are getting New York address. I bet even you are not able to find the “Get current user’s Ip address” option.

Check this link @sohaan_gd - it now resolves to my location - does to yours as well?


Check carefully your installed plugin.
Turns out that there are 2 plugins called IPIPHY. The first one will give you access to the “Get user’sIP” function.