Is a Reviews Web App possible?

Greetings from Sweden! :sweden:

Sorry for another one of these post types but I wanted to see if my MVP is possible before starting the hard part of learning and designing in Bubble :upside_down_face:

Here’s the overview:
A small business can sign up and import customer emails, the platform auto emails these customers and asks them to the business from 1-10. Users who vote 1-7 are referred to a feedback form while positive users (8-10) are asked to leave a review for the business.

It’'s not a hugely new idea but I have plans to differentiate later. Here’s an existing example solution that exists

Appreciate the help! :rocket:

Hey @repuzen-chris yes that’s totally feasable

Hi @repuzen-chris and welcome to bubble!

Your MVP is super doable in bubble, quite quick actually!

I’d recommend looking into CSV importing -> schedule API workflows (for emails) -> dynamic emails and forms.


Thanks Tal, I’ll start exploring!