Is Bubble an Oauth2 provider?

Is there a login service – like Google, Twitter, etc. – where users can log in with their Bubble credentials?

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You can sign users in via backend api workflows. Not as secure IMO as standard oauth because you end up transmitting email/PW in URL parameters.

How do you do this? Is there an action with log the user in with Bubble credentials?

Should be fairly simple

maybe i’m confused here.

this spits back an access token that you use in headers like an access token

Two options here:

  1. Use backend workflows, as jared stated. I made a video about it where I did it for adalo.

  2. Use your Bubble Backend as SSO service. This is more secure and more standard. If it is not possible, go to the first point.

I highly recommend getting some knowledge foundation about 0Auth. You clearly don’t to mess up credentials and authentication. On our Youtube channel we made an introduction video about it as well.



What I mean is that I want a Bubble option here.


looking for the same. I started with a PlugIn doing the OAuth2 call but unfortunately it’s not recognized as login service plugin.

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Just nudging this topic because it would be great to have a little sign in with Bubble.

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Are you asking if Bubble is an OAUTH2 provider ?

I always thought it was. But now I can’t find it !

But yes. It is. As this Forum is Discourse … and is using your Bubble signin?

I have a related issue and I hope you guys could help me.

I specifically came here bc with @NigelG @rico.trevisan and @Sarah_Biberei this is obviously the most knowledgable thread in the entire forum.

I built a chrome extension in JS and build the rest of the application with Bubble. For signup/login, I used the function login with a social network → Google (only Google).

Now I am looking for a way to connect this with the Extension. I basically want to check if the user is logged in to the Bubble App and that should keep them log in in the external extension. Do you have any idea how this could be done?

There seems to be no workflow that checks if a user is logged in…

I’m not sure I understand your question because Bubble does have a way to check if the user is signed in.

Yes, that’s much better wording to what I mean: is Bubble an Oauth2 provider?

I’m gonna try to change the title of the thread…

So, yes, Bubble is an OAUTH2 “provider”.

But probably a lot easier, if you want to access the DATA API, to use a static API Token that you can generate in the Backend API set up. You can create multiple Tokens too if you need.

But there is no way to fill in the API Connector, correct?

Ah. Well you could connect two Bubble apps.

  1. Use the API connector in App 1
  2. Provide OAUTH2 signon in App 2 to App1

But then you might be better off using the App Connector?